always do your best

As we reach the fourth and final agreement this week, it is my hope that you have been able to practice being impeccable with your words, not taking things personally, and not making assumptions…which now leads us to the final step: Always do your best.

As we go through life and the circumstances it hands us, always showing up and doing our best in every moment is what allows the other three steps to become ingrained habits. Don Miguel reminds us that our best changes from moment to moment. When you wake up energized your best will be one way, and when you are sick with a cold, your best will feel quite different.

Your best will change from day to day, and from moment to moment. When we try too hard, we give away too much energy and feel depleted. And when we don’t do enough, we beat ourselves up and carry around self-judgement. But if you just show up and do the best you can, there can’t be any judgement or regret. If you can always look back and say, “You know what, I did the best I knew how to do in that moment,” then you will eradicate so much suffering in your life and in your relationships.

When you always do your best, it means you are taking action. Taking action means you are going to be compassionate with yourself, your family, your friends, and everything in your life. When you are taking action, it means you are not looking for feedback or a reward for doing things well. You do your best because doing so makes you feel good.

Most people do their best selfishly seeking something in return. And if they don’t get that “something”, then they stop doing their best. This is the opposite of taking action, and many times why people feel so much unhappiness. When you do your best the rewards will always come–the difference is you are not expecting, nor are you attached to any outcomes.

When you do your best you begin to accept all parts of yourself. This takes practice and learning from every time you didn’t show up as your best. You learn to show up not to impress or please other people. It should feel good to always know you are doing the best you can.

So how can you begin showing up in your life always doing your best? Here are two easy places to begin…

First, Take action.

I would say one of the number one things I hear people talk about is their purpose. They ask, “What is my purpose? What is it I am really supposed to be doing?” One of my answers to these self-reflective questions would be to begin taking action in your life. Do not sit around and wait for life to find you, because it won’t. By always doing your best, and taking steps in your life to create, this is living purposefully. We all want to manifest our desires and dreams, but you have to be an active participant in that creation.

Second, Let go of the past.

When we are holding onto the past we are really holding onto the notion that life has taken something away from us. And in doing so, we are not living. To live and to do your best means living in the present moment. Suffering comes from not living in the now. When you are able to let go of whatever happened to you, life and energy can flow through you. This is how we live in happiness. We show up doing our best, living in the present moment, and not letting what happened in the past dictate our lives. The saying “Let go and let God” sums this up. Allow Source to be expressed through you. Stop resisting life, and be who you came here to be. You can only do this when you show up always doing your best.

As you move through life, practice these teachings. Become more aware of your words, your actions, and reactions. Show up doing your best in every situation. By doing so, it will transform and heal your relationships in a profoundly powerful way.

Published in RY Magazine