create space

Whether it is the quiet stillness between each breath, the pause in between thoughts, or moments of transition in life, embracing space is imperative for our growth.

We fill our lives with so much stuff–emotions, work, responsibility, food, commitments, projects, etc. that eventually we crash. Now is the time to really decide where you want to put your attention. What do you really want to be doing? Where do you want to spend your time? And with whom? In order to get focused and intentional, we must let go of the things that take up space, and create room for what we want to invite into our energy in this moment.

In the week ahead, allow yourself more space to breathe, be, release, create, discover, reflect, and to choose. Visit @randimarkswellness on Instagram and share one thing in the comments section that you would like to make more space for. Just by typing in the word, you create the energy behind it to manifest. Can’t wait to hear from you!

staying motivated

We are a couple of weeks into 2018, our motivation is high, and we are ready to stay committed to change and bettering our lives. The big question is how do we keep up this momentum two, three, even six months from now?

One thing I know for sure is that life gives us moments of great joy where things feel easy and effortless, and then times of hardship, where we feel paralyzed and full of despair. Unfortunately, we cannot know and appreciate one without the other. Yes, we strive to have more highs then lows. But what if we could see that our darkest moments, those moments where you find yourself unable to get out of bed, pleading to God for help, and eating pints of ice cream to numb the pain, are actually tremendous gifts and our greatest opportunities for growth?

2017 presented me with an entire year of daily desperado moments. After about four months of initial shock, I knew the only way out was to start seeking out the blessings that this situation was gifting me. If you have endured any form of loss in your life, you know that when a new situation shows up in your life resembling loss of any kind, the trigger bells go off in your mind, adding another layer onto the unhealed parts of your soul. What seems like no big deal to another person, can feel like the world is ending for you. I refer to it as “trauma magnified.”

We are given these moments in time, where we are beaten down and think we do not have the strength to keep on going. And then from the bottom of our emotional river, we emerge from the mud as a lotus flower. Blooming open to the heavens, more beautiful, resilient, and grateful to be a human being than we ever were before. It never ceases to amaze me how much resiliency rests within us.

One of the most profound experiences when someone you deeply love has died or you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, is in those weeks or months following, nothing else matters. And that not caring eventually creates a space inside of you that chooses to create the life that aligns more with who you are becoming, and pushes you to do things that before the loss, you would have made excuses not to do. You may have cared before what others think, or felt afraid of failing or missing out if you began doing the things that you were brought into this lifetime to accomplish. Your low point has now become the turning point, and moving you in the direction of your greatness.

Use your low points. Embrace them and what they are there to teach you. Use them as fuel for the fire to light up your life. I tell my students and clients all of the time, that it is good when you have a day that you forget to meditate, or that you eat poorly, or you are not taking care of yourself. Then you have a gauge to work off of, and to see that when I do the work I feel good, and when I don’t, I feel bad. The barometer of your feelings is the fuel you need to make different choices. And every time you feel you are failing, just make the choice to be and do your best, and try again.

In the coming weeks and months, if you find yourself weaning off of resolutions, re-commit. You have the permission to make new ones, and do not have to wait another year to do so. We are a new person every day. Honor where you are at in the moment, and check in every day to see what choices you need to make so your life is a peaceful and fulfilled one.

i release attachments

I RELEASE ATTACHMENTS…Happy Monday Friends! In the week ahead try letting go of your holding patterns: Where do you hold onto fixed ideas, feelings, material things, habits, thoughts, beliefs, expressing your truth? Where are you grasping at life, and can you practice loosening the grip just a little bit. Try affirming “I take a step back and surrender this (thought, belief, situation…you fill in the blank).

Share ONE THING you commit to releasing this week by commenting on my Instagram handle @randimarkswellness. Encourage others to do the same by posting!

what 2018 means for you

2018 is a Year of New Beginnings, as we move into a very high vibration year. It is considered a “9” year which embodies spiritual enlightenment, completion, karma, spiritual awakening, leadership, life-purpose, higher perspective, soul mission, inner strength, intuition, and selflessness.

This is also a year of getting good at saying “no” to anything that does not serve a higher purpose in our lives. We are being asked to tap into our inner wisdom and become great leaders for ourselves and others. 2018 is a combination of spiritual numbers that reminds us our thoughts, actions, intentions, and beliefs determine the experiences of our lives.

We are being given permission to shine in this number 9 year! In 2017, we faced many obstacles in both our internal and external environments. We can now relish in our growth and live with more ease, knowing that things will go much smoother in 2018. Expect much more peace and harmony in the days ahead!

The number “18” also holds significance in Biblical, yogic, and spiritual terms. The “1” being a direct connection to God and “8” being infinity. 2018 is a opportunistic year to honor our gifts and live out our lives on our terms.

To get the most out of the amazing energy of 2018, it is imperative to do a daily emotional cleansing, just as we would shower dirt off of our bodies, or brush our teeth.

Beginning today, on Instagram @randimarkswellness, for the next five days is The Soul Cleanse. I invite you to follow along each day from your phone or computer to begin preparing for the New Year. You will receive a daily message along with instructions for that day to help you jumpstart this year of new beginnings!

I would love to hear from you, so post comments about your experiences each day!

weekly angel message: be strong

Dear Ones…BE STRONG! This is not a time for a nervous breakdown or to feel sorry for yourself. This is not a time to give up on your principles. Have you ever had something or someone you counted on cease to continue giving? Know that anything that was ever consistent in your life will eventually end, and fall away. That is when you panic. We are communicating with you today to remind you to BE STRONG! Trust that no matter what shows up in your life you have the resilience to overcome it. Dig deep. Keep getting up when you feel beaten down. Do not let anything or anyone take away your strength. It is yours to keep. Your inner power belongs to no one except you. Harness it. Use it as your weapon to protect you from outside influences. When you stand in your truth and in your strength, no one can touch you.