i now manifest

Happy Monday and Solar Eclipse Friends! Take a moment today to sit in the stillness and silence, and affirm,”I NOW MANIFEST…(fill in the blank). Breathe in your intentions and exhale them out to all corners of the universe.

Allow the energies of this powerful day to assist you in transformation, to reset your body, mind, and spirit, and allow you to step into a new cycle–bringing change and opportunity into your life.

angel message: heal your anger

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.”

WEEKLY ANGEL MESSAGE: Dear One…Anger doesn’t start out as anger. It evolves from feeling something else, such as sadness, resentment or fear, which we pent up inside for so long, that the pressure becomes too much, and it must be released. This tends to evolve into anger or blame and turns from an inward emotion to being directed outward to friends and family. Summertime does not make dealing with emotions any easier. The element of environmental heat, on top of internal emotional heat, can become a recipe for disaster.

So how can anger be healed? Sit with your anger and start to peel back the layers. If you are honest and truthful, you will eventually see that you are not really angry but rather the root of it comes from something else. If you feel angry, but are really experiencing sadness, or your needs aren’t being met, why do you feel that way? Did something happen to trigger it? Is it a patterned behavior for you? Or is it just something someone did to hurt your feelings?

It may take some time to find peace with the intense energy you are experiencing, but rather than feed the beast of anger, ask the questions, be reflective, and remember that the anger is only poisoning you, and blocking your life.

i allow things to flow

Happy Monday Friends! August is a busy month with two Eclipses, and now Mercury Retorgrade, which lasts until September 5th. During this time plans may fall through, schedules get messed up, communication is off, things may break or don’t work as they should. It is essential to go with the flow, and be aware that this is all part of the process–Patience is key.

The planet Mercury rules over communication, so pay attention to relationships where there could be some endings coming your way, or even new beginnings. If you have been holding onto emotions or tensions they may need to be expressed as well. Retrograde periods are actually good times to lay things out as long as you do it with kindness and love. This is a wonderful period to clear the air and start over. Move slowly in the coming weeks, take time to reflect, clear the air, and be gentle with yourself.

angel message: transformation

I hope you have been enjoying this powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse week. The energies moving in are showing us that great change is occurring. This is an opportunity for powerful spiritual and personal growth if you are able to stay calm and allow things to settle in and move through you. This is not a time to be reactionary, but reflective.

Connect today with your inner gudance system, and pay attention to what you are being asked to let go of in order to transform your soul, allowing you to move closer to the truth of your existence.

i create new dreams

Today is The Full Moon and the Lunar Ecplise–a super powerful day for setting intentions and dreams!!! This is a moment to re-evaluate your life and see where you want to go next in your journey. As we enter the powerful Eclipse season (today through the 21st with The Solar Eclipse), an energetic passageway is opening for you if you choose to step into it.

Stay focused, create new dreams, commit to letting go of old unhealthy behaviors, and do not be distracted by the fears and chaos of others during this power time of transformation. Many do not understand the waves of energy that are moving through the earth, but you do. So move through your days with grounding and peace, and be the calming presence for those who need it right now.