weekly angel message: you can change the world or you can change your attitude about the world

WEEKLY ANGEL MESSAGE: Dear Ones….When you experience problems, just by naming it shifts the energy. When you have thoughts, your body is just waiting to know what to do next. When you identify a situation as it really is, you bring it to your conscious mind, and this allows you to make a choice–live with things as they are or change it. You get to choose. When you name things, your body learns to trust you and is then able to bring you more insightful information, spiritual guidance, and personal growth. Soften your awareness. Make peace with your surroundings. Know that it is safe. Open your intuition.

Fall Is for Self-Reflection

As the days get shorter and the air cooler, our bodies prepare to go inward. Just like the trees slowly shed their leaves or bears prepare to hibernate, nature instinctively knows that this is the time to store energy for the colder months ahead. Humans also respond to these environmental changes as we begin our own transition into an internal state of being.

We are experiencing a shift from the summer months when there was an abundance of light to the Fall season, which asks us to balance light and dark; Not only in our bodies rhythms, but in our minds and energy. For some, finding harmony with the drop in temperature and less sunlight can be challenging. For others, this is a season of high energy and thriving. Each person is different based on their constitution, and must be aware of how their bodies respond to the changes so that you get as close to finding equilibrium as possible.

Using tools such as meditation, yoga, and journaling, find quiet moments which will allow you to slow down, look within, and see what you can let go of, and what you no longer need. Make time for self-reflection, letting go, and creating space for new opportunities and experiences to enter into your life. Although change is the only constant, it can be challenging. The more we become adaptable to the change, the easier it becomes to prune our own leaves—releasing old thought patterns and behaviors.

Holding onto negative behaviors and limiting beliefs is harmful to one’s well-being and
self-worth. If we do not do the work of removing the old, dead leaves of our lives, we are unable to see all the doors which open for us. We will not be able to embrace what is waiting for us if we are constantly caught up in our old junk.

Our subconscious minds accept what is true through our feelings. If you want your life to be and look a certain way, you must feel your way to it first. All that exists was once imagined as a thought. Simply by choosing to feel good we bring harmony into our subconscious minds, which then begins the process of creating a harmonious life.

Over the next several months become comfortable with exploring the darkness within your mind and soul. Things will only disappear when we are willing to look at them. When we don’t pay attention, our troubles continue to plague and permeate all areas of our lives. Trust that God put difficult moments in front of you, which feel dark and heavy, so that you could find the Light. Each time we experience this presence, we become one step closer to remembering our own Divinity, that God rests within, and everything is perfect even if in the moment it does not feel that way.

Some suggestions for living a more awakened life are:

  • Practice feeling thoughts rather than just thinking them. How do your thoughts feel in your body? Funky? Loving? Bad? Wonderful? Remember that your thoughts create your reality. If it feels funky, be prepared for life to mimic that. Choose loving thoughts and be prepared for life to shift in dramatic ways.
  • Decide on something you would like more of. Perhaps it is money or love. Now, make a commitment to practice giving those things away. The more you give away what you seek, the more it shows up in your life.
  • Sit in reflection each day and set an intention of what you are ready to let of of. Consider how everything has a cycle and that endings and change are good! Rather than fight change, embrace it. Envision what is possible for you once you let go. What new experience is waiting for you? See it in your mind’s eye. Notice the details, and ask yourself what steps are necessary to take action towards this new vision. Journal about it so that the steps are always available for you to revisit.

the shifts of 10-10

Today is 10-10! So what does this significant date mean for you, and what can you expect to experience energetically? In numerology, 10 signifies wholeness and is a powerful manifestation number. Today, the 10 energy is doubled. We are entering into a phase where we are being asked to let go of the stuff that blocks our expansion, or at least take the steps to try. We are moving into a time of spiritual awakening and great metaphysical shifts. The world is awakening, and more and more people are drawn to move into a higher awareness and consciousness. Today, we begin taking action and responsibility for our choice and our individual paths. A powerful gateway is opening for you if you are willing to trust it and step boldly into it.

P.S. If you are ready to take the next steps in your journey and are searching for support along the way, reach out to me so we can connect, and let’s find a way for me to be your Guide and support system.