massage + therapy

Intuitive Massage

Whether you prefer the lighter touch of Swedish massage and cranio-sacral therapy, or the firmer pressure of deep tissue, all sessions are intuitively based – channeling energy to bring healing, peace, and wholeness to your body.

Each session is deeply relaxing, freeing up muscular and energetic blockages, and can help with many chronic issues such as migraines, emotional trauma and physical pain. During your Intuitive Massage, expect to experience transformation and healing. Book individual sessions or The Healing Touch Series.

To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong & clear.


A calming, circulatory massage promoting peace and calm for the mom-to-be. Massage during pregnancy relieves symptoms of depression, insomnia, muscle and joint pain.

hot ocean stone

Warmed ocean stones along with massage are used to promote healing, resulting in pure bliss.

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healing + meditation

Healing is a process and an awakening that can have a very profound impact on all parts of your life. When you are ready, I truly look forward to being with you on this journey.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is a channeled session, allowing you to receive the messages needed for your personal growth and to identify and transform challenging areas in your life. Access new energy and experience higher frequencies as you evolve on your personal and spiritual journey.

Whether by phone or in-person, a sacred space is created for a healing experience to occur.

Book individual sessions or The Soul Shift Series.


A personalized one-on-one meditation experience. Book individual sessions or The Awakening Series.

A series of free guided meditations and inspirational videos are available for your enjoyment on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Private Events

Event sessions are personalized to meet your group’s needs. Contact Randi for more information.

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energy + healing

Ayurvedic Massage

This treatment focuses on opening, restoring and balancing energy flow in the body. It begins with Abhyanga – warmed herbal oils are applied to the entire body to detox physical, mental, and emotional toxins. A variety of Ayurvedic techniques are applied to work along the energy channels of your body to restore the flow of vital energy, or prana. Marma point therapy is then used to balance and clear energy, allowing healing to manifest in the body, mind and spirit.

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peace + calm

Sound Healing

This treatment is designed to balance your nervous system, calm your stress levels, and feel the spaciousness of meditation. Sound therapy builds new neural pathways cumulatively over time. This enables the body to make necessary shifts for healing to take place on all levels. Choose from the gong, crystal healing or Tibetan (Himalayan) bowls, and enjoy a sound bath as you move into a deep, relaxed, meditative state.

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Sacred Sound Massage

This treatment combines our signature sound healing session with massage – resulting in profound healing, alignment and peace for your soul.

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