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Healing Self-Mastery

Randi Marks Studio
Austin, Texas

Are you seeking to know God and the universe in new ways?

Healing Self-Mastery is an intimate group experience for those searching to transform and heal their lives. Using tools for transformation, open up to your gifts, become intimate with energy, elevate consciousness, and experience profound shifts in all areas of your life.

Contact Randi for scheduling and pricing.

September 21st | November 9th | January 11th | March 1st | April 26th


The Soul Series

Austin, Texas

The Soul Series is for anyone interested in self-discovery, elevating consciousness, and living an awakened life.

THE FALL SOUL SERIES: Living An Inspired Life

To live an inspired life, we must start where we are, and begin to connect with our inherent goodness. We are the architects of our own beliefs, and are always choosing, through our thoughts and our reactions, how our lives will unfold.

In this upcoming Soul Series we will:

*Learn the recipe for becoming a no-limit person
*Explore lessons for living a better life
*Understand the ways we hinder our success
*Follow your calling and create new dreams

Fall 2017 Dates:
September 24th | October 22nd | November 12th | 2-3pm

Spiritual Solutions: Choosing Your Own Greatness

Wanderlust Yoga
Austin, Texas
September 30, 2017

Join Tansformational Healer, Randi Marks, as she guides you to choosing your own greatness. Learn what it means to be a no-limits person, how to see all events in your life as blessings, and begin the process of removing old beliefs from your perception field. Through the power of discussion, journaling, meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and sound healing, explore the ingredients for living a no-limits life, understand what really motivates you, and identify changes you can make to begin living in your fullest potential.


Austin, Texas

This is Randi’s signature sitting meditation class. Instruction includes learning movement and postures to prepare the body for meditation, breathing techniques, setting intentions, sound healing, working with the energy of thoughts, the power of mantra, cultivating compassion, and learning to live a heart-centered life. Each class begins with a brief discussion to set the theme and tone for the class. All levels welcome.

Fall 2017 Dates:
September 17th | October 1st | November 5th | December 3rd | 2-3pm

Soul Cleanse

We have all heard of diet cleanses where we are prohibited from eating certain things to restore our physical bodies. A Soul Cleanse, however, is more about aligning with your spirit and healing your emotional and energy bodies.

In this FREE Soul Cleanse, you will receive a daily inspirational message for the next ten days. It will include what the task of the day is, and how to implement the practice into your day. Each one will build upon the next, creating more and more space to invite in what you truly want to see show up in your life. These tasks are designed to be simple and easy–so anyone can participate.

Spiritual Awakening Retreat

Austin, Texas


Once the Soul awakens, your life truly begins, and there is no going back.

Investment • Details

This personalized, healing immersion experience will help you release fears and old belief systems, awaken to your truth, find freedom, and reconnect to who you are at the soul level.

Through spiritual coaching and channeled healing, you will be guided in mapping out the next steps of your personal and spiritual journey.

Contact Randi for scheduling and payment options, and to discuss your intentions and goals. One and two-day options are available.

Accommodations, transportation, and meals are not included in pricing. Plan to arrive a day early into Austin if traveling from out of town.



Speaking opportunities regarding healing, meditation, and personal transformation are available. Please contact Randi for more information.



Healer + Psychic Mentorship

Do you have intuitive and psychic abilities and are looking for guidance for understanding, cultivating, and using your gifts?

Remote or in-person options are available for this mentorship program. Customized sessions are created around your specific needs, and where growth is needed. Sessions are approximately one hour.

For anyone living outside of Austin, who plans to travel here for private sessions with me, full-day and multi-day learning opportunities are available. Please contact Randi for scheduling and pricing information.