Coming To Grips

I am almost 45. My mom was diagnosed with cancer at 51 and lived only seven years after. Although I don’t believe it’s my fate to take the same path as my mother, I do think about all the things she didn’t get to do with her life. She had lots of plans.

It’s an interesting perspective when you become the age of your parents and you see how young you still feel and how much more there is to do.

Lately it has felt like a midlife crisis of sorts. No one talks about the woman’s midlife crisis, we only relate it to middle-aged men. But it’s real. Google it. It’s nothing horrible, just lots of probing, introspection, and receiving messages asking and guiding us to re-organize, make changes, and do things differently than we’ve done up until now.

My 40s have been filled with coming to grips of who I am at my core + essence and choosing how I want to live my life and not be dictated by external environments.

So today I asked Spirit to show me my card—the 8 of Swords appeared. She is a Messenger that perspective is what is needed right now. She indicates getting out of victim mentality and forming new beliefs. She asks us to get out of our heads and drop down into intuition in our gut. This is where our inner guidance lies.

We believe our options are limited, with no way out. Just like the woman here we can take off the blindfold if we want to and free ourselves from our limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions—and from that place of choice we can free ourselves from the predicament we find ourselves in.

Randi Marks