Cycles of Life

I find myself in a space of infinite possibilities. It’s always been there, but now I’m more aware of its presence. It’s funny how we think we will be in same time, space, + place forever; But one day you wake up and realize you’ve stepped into a new dimension and a new calling. I feel the pull drawing me into the new and unexpected. As humans, we want to know everything because it makes us feel safe. I feel the-not-knowing is the journey, and the unexpected outcome, the gift.

Like every inhale and exhale, the energy each day has felt like it’s moving from contraction to expansion. Another day, another energy, another cycle. We are being conditioned to learn how to move in and out of cycles faster than ever before as the times ahead will call for us to know how to pivot when needed with grace.

The message today is:

All is well.

All is well, when we are well.

All is well when those we love are well.

All is well when the planet is well.

May peace be with you today wherever you are in whatever you’re doing.

Randi Marks