Believe It To Receive It

What do you think about all day? What words do you use to describe yourself and your life? Do you imagine dreams, and then come up with all of the reasons why your visisons could never happen for you?

WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT YOU WILL RECEIVE IT. This goes beyond the exercise of logic believing only at the level of the mind; I am talking about believing as a visceral exercise, and feeling it in your body without any contradiction. You just know it to be true. Now this can go both ways. We can feel things in our minds and bodies about ourselves that are negative. When this happens for me, I ask myself "Randi, is this true?" I use the "negative" downloads as information. Sometimes we do pick up things that do not feel great, but rather than not face them because it feels uncomfortable, see them as messages sent to protect you, warn you, and to assist your intuition to make better choices.

Today is a perfect moment to look at your beliefs today and invite in what you'd like to add to your life:

1. Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth three times.

2. Notice how you feel.

3. Where are you holding tension in your body?

4. Ask what it means? Did it come from your thoughts, a fight with a friend, someone said something not nice to you? Gather information.

5. Use your breath to move that old stagnant energy out through your legs and feet.

6. Once you feel it move breathe in and out from the crown of your head. Connect with your Higher Self and ask it what do I need? Allow the information to come.

7. As you receive the words from your Higher Self continue to breathe in from the crown and as you exhale feel it merge into the core of your body. Feel the messages viscerally without any judgement. 

8. Continue this exercise as long as you need to invite in new energy and new possibilities into your life today. Once you are complete take a final breath in and out through your mouth and blink open your eyes.

Notice throughout your day where your thoughts go, and if doubt creeps in just take a breath and let it go. Choose to believe and receive.