Let Go of Your Story

When you hold onto your story, you block your destiny.—Bishop TD Jakes

What is your story? We all have a story we tell ourselves. The one we play out over and over again. The one that shows up every time we are triggered by external experiences. Take a moment to pause and notice what yours is. Do you play the victim? Are you the hero? Do things never work our for you? Always work out?

Whatever our story, if we hold onto it, we are living in the past of who we used to be, and are blocking our destiny of who we can become. At any moment, if you feel disappointed, triggered, resentful, or angry, take a step back and see what part of your story is playing out. Once you can identify it, you will begin to realize that perhaps your created story around the situation, is just that--made up! Watch how quickly you resolve the situation in your mind once you identify this.

We must remember that no one can touch us, unless we allow them to. Each time we react, it strengthens the old story. From this day forward, practice becoming aware of your thought patterns, and notice if the dramas in your life are similar in nature. You will be amazed at how much of your suffering came from just being unaware that you were living out your story once again, and perpetuating its energy to dominate your thinking and your life.