The Practice of Certainty

If you have a choice between certainty and hope, choose certainty every time.

Certainty is the catalyst that turns attitudes into action, bringing beliefs to life and coloring them with meaning and consequence. To practice certainty is to be committed to the choices we have made. Certainty means we don’t have an escape plan in case things don’t work out where failure then becomes inevitable because we are not fully committed. 

Certainty comes from repeated experiences that validate our beliefs of what is real. If we don’t believe in ourselves, and are uncertain about our choices, the Universe obliges by giving us experiences to support our beliefs. We must embody certainty before the Universe affirms certainty back to us through our personal experiences. Your sense of certainty determines the quality of your life and feeling that you can achieve what you desire is life-changing and powerful.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

When we are unsure about ourselves, we create what are called “back doors”, to assure ourselves that even if things don’t work out, we will be fine. These back doors leak energy that could instead be available to assist us in fulfilling our dreams. Fear comprises the energy of our back doors and can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.  If we allow fear and doubt to take over, they become an enemy that destroys all possibilities and makes you settle for less. When we courageously conquer these blocks to success, we open the doors to high achievement with certainty and confidence.

If we want any part of our life to change – be it a new job, a new relationship, or improved health, a feeling of certainty must exist. Certainty creates; Doubt does not.

There are several way we can cultivate certainty beginning with the courage to question and change existing beliefs. Are your beliefs serving you? If not, can you create new beliefs for your life going forward? Be curious about who you are and get in the habit of asking yourself questions like “What are the stories I am carrying that are no longer true? or “What am I unwilling to look at that will remove uncertainty and instill certainty?” Lastly, create new reference points. Our perceptions create doubt or certainty so choose to find more empowering reference points to re-think what you know about you and your life.

So what if you don’t feel certain in your life right now? The good news about certainty is that if we don’t feel we have it, we can borrow it from others. We can see that it is working for a friend, and borrow their position as our own adopting an “if it works for them it can work for me” attitude. We can be around Teachers or Healers who are certain in their wisdom and work, and by borrowing their certainty and practicing it, we begin to gain our own. If certainty is something you want, seek out someone who already has it.