Where Are You Going With Your Life

"Where are you going with your life?" 

Take a moment to ponder this question and see what answer you get. Do you draw a blank? Do you have total clarity? Whether you know or don't know at this moment isn't what's important. What matters is that you are asking the questions. 

Live With Zero Regrets.

I read an article years ago written about patients who were dying. They were asked to share their wisdom, and overall they all spoke about not having regrets. For me, this means taking risks and going after my dreams. In my world, there would be nothing worse than knowing I was going to die, and realizing I lived my life too safe out of fear or to please others, and didn't do the things that I wanted to do. I don't believe in failure, and I do believe there are lessons to be learned in things that didn't turn out the way we hoped. I always use "failures" as data to be and do better the next time. Whereever you are going with your life,live with abandon, take risks, do what makes you happy, and don't regret any of your choices--they all got you to this moment.

Be The Master Of Your Life.

In order to master our lives we have to be conscious and present to our experiences and emotions. Most feel trapped by the life they have created, but we can always choose something different for ourselves.Where are you going with your lifebecomes more relevant once we can clearly see that perhaps we are not as fulfilled by our work as we once were, or we are living beyond our means, or we need to make new friends, or healthier choices. Spirituality is about always being open to whatever is showing up; Open to new ways of seeing and being, and being willing to pivot when we feel trapped by life. You are the master of your domain and never the victim of your circumstances. 

Stop Listening To Other People's Opinions.

We all experience a voice within us that steers us in one direction or another, warns us to leave bad situations, or let's us know the life we are living is not working anymore. This is the voice of our soul. We can listen or ignore it, but when we choose the latter we begin relying on the opinions of others rather than our own intution--which is the highest and purest form of wisdom. The opinions of others is just that--an opinion, which is skewed in their experiences, beliefs, and morals. Where you are going in your life is a co-creation process between you and universal energy. Stop listening to other people and start listening to your soul.