Rituals, Love, and Play

Is it really May already? If you have kids like me, you know that this tends to be the busiest month with finals and school ending. Looking over my calendar every week and weekend is already scheduled and full of activties and commitments. I have to force myself to not look so that the anxiety and overwhelm doesn't kick in. 

Daily Rituals Save Me Every Time...
Do you have your go-to rituals and practices when life seems to pile up? During busy months like May I find it essential to go to bed early, make sure I am getting eight hours of sleep, to eat mindfully, meditate, journal, exercise, and stay focused. It sounds like a long list, but the more I practice, it all just flows from one ritual into the next and keeps me super grounded and present. I'd love to hear what your favorite rituals are so please reach out and share with me!

What I am loving right now....
I am realizing that time with my kids living at home is quickly morphing. My son will be applying for college next year, and my first-born baby will become an adult--which totally blows my mind! When our kids are little we are so exhausted from chasing them around and dealing with tantrums that we secretly question becoming a parent in the first place! But when they get to this sweet age of young adulthood, I am loving finding out who they are and what they want to be when they grow up, and watching them come to life decisions on their own (with a little bit of our guidance). I am trying my best to enjoy the time I have left where we are a family of four living under one roof, because I know the end of a cycle is nearing.

Something That I Am Playing With...
Recently I was sick for almost three weeks and it was awful. When you are stuck in bed, not doing a damn thing other than staring at your bed and the walls, your mind goes to places that can be very unfriendly. Three weeks felt like months. I saw this as an opportunity to explore why those thoughts were in me to begin with.

It is amazing how quickly we default to our old patterns and beliefs the minute things don't go our way. I dug a hole that I didn't even consciously know I had dug. The more I play with how thoughts correlate to reality, the more it blows me away how real it is.

When I was stuck in the poor me thoughts, well, life gave me more reasons to feel sorry for myself. But the minute I found may way out of the hole and into the Light, everything shifted. It happens that fast. Change a thought, your life changes.

In the coming weeks, pay attention to your moods and then correlate them to a thought you had about yourself or something you thought about period. Start to make those connections and then decide if you want to re-frame the thought. Just play with it and see what shifts for you, and then let me know how this exercise works for you.