Is Busyness Masking Who You Are

“Our busyness is a way that we numb. It’s a way we avoid being with the space of who we are.”—Kate Northrup

I recently took a few days to step out of everyday life and into the mountains. As a recovering Type A personality, it has taken a lot of inner reflection, commitment, and intention to embrace both the busyness and the stillness—And to be ok with having periods of space and doing nothing. One of the gifts of getting older is having perspective that you are not rewarded for how busy you are (even though society seems to think we are).

As someone who is built to achieve and is internally driven, we may find ourselves masking emotional wounds by staying busy and not resting. You’ll notice that you get distracted easily, check email a lot, scroll social media posts etc. This is your energy saying step away, take a break, you are stressed. Only come back to the table of creation when you’ve weeded out the pressure filled bubble of constantly doing.

My experience has taught me that when I give myself the gift of doing nothing I am more creative, more intentional, and more excited about who I am and what I have to offer the world. Use this summer season, which has built into it the energy of slowing down, to co-create, rather than fight against it.