Are We Making Excuses

E G O vs S O U L.

Why are we so conditioned to believe that school and having a qualification is the way and only way to become successful?

I have been pondering this a lot lately. I have spent my entire life chasing the degree, the program, the accolades. I think education is super important (don’t get me wrong) but at what point do we trust that we know enough to do the work we were put here to do? Do we continue pursuing the paper certification to deflect from the work we should really be doing? I think many times the answer is yes.

As I evolve as a Healer, it is becoming more and more clear that whatever I need to know or do, Spirit will move it through me. If we really believe in a world of co-creation, isn’t life more about asking and trusting the information will be shown to us, moved through us, rather than sitting in a classroom for years at a time?

The gift of getting older is perspective and seeing from a new perceptual lens. Ponder your motives today if you are feeling stuck between going out and making your dreams happen OR if you just got that one last certification THEN it would happen...

Ask yourself, “Am I creating a distraction to not have to start my dreams?”

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