Creating Sacred Space

Clearing out clutter brings peace and calm into our homes, and is proven to bring change in our lives. Clearing out our emotional clutter on the other hand may feel more elusive. We have to make an effort to carve out space for ourselves, where we turn off the noise of the world, so we can go within.

Looking back on my own spiritual evolution, going on retreat was one of the most transformative experiences, creating a safe container to shift me out of who I was, to who I was becoming.

I believe that in order to make real changes for ourselves, we must step out of our ordinary lives and into sacred space. 

Sacred Retreats are a wonderful way to step out of our everyday lives and into a place that allows us to clear our thoughts, breathe, and connect with ourselves away from all of the noise and obligations that inundate us. 

As a Healer, when clients come to see me for a session, whether in-person or by phone, they are giving themselves the gift of steeping out of their day and into a sacred space in which I have created for them. Now imagine doing this for a full day or over a weekend…

What I hear most often at retreats, is “How do I take this feeling back into my life?” Being on retreat reminds you of how you wish you lived every day in sacred way. Since most of us can’t do a retreat except for maybe once a year, there are ways to create mini-retreats at home on days when you feel you need self-care the most.

Easy Ways To Create A Mini At-Home Retreat:

  • Book a day at the spa or have a Massage Therapist come to your home

  • Treat yourself to a healthy meal or fresh juice and enjoy out in the sunshine

  • Do a yoga practice at home or attend a class

  • Take a long hike out in nature where you can unplug and connect with the elements

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