Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Who or what can you begin forgiving in your life?

True forgiveness is when you’ve taken the emotion off of someone and you give them permission to show up differently in your life. You’ve freed yourself and you’ve freed them. As life unfolds they’ll show up in the distant future asking you to forgive them, but the thing is you’re over it already. You are able to step back and see the big picture and thank them for betraying you—because of their betrayal you’re now living a new life. An awakened life. A less reactive life. A more joyful life. A more soul-focused life.

The soul does not look backwards, only the mind does that.

To overcome the mind, you have to overcome the emotion and stop living in the memory loop of the past which keeps you in the past. Be forward thinking. Be aware enough to look at your emotional state, thoughts, and reactions to them. The only way anyone really changes is by changing one’s energy.

I have spent the summer months cleaning house where my heart is concerned. It’s important to take stock of where we are blocking ourselves emotionally and looking deeper into our triggers. By the time we get to our mid- 40’s we have already had tons of hurtful experiences that weave across the landscape of our lives. As I, and my spiritual practice have evolved, I notice that the refractory periods of “staying in the hurt” get shorter while simultaneously, my ability to see the lessons comes faster. There is nothing more empowering than freeing yourself from emotional wounding.

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So as you step into this new week what is one person or situation that you can begin forgiving?