The Summer Moon Series

Let's come together to build community, honor your Spirit, the moon, Mother Earth, and connect with the cosmos! Join us for a New Moon Fire Ceremony, meditation, reflection, intention setting, and enjoy the company of friends. Light snacks provided. Once registered, you will receive arrival instructions the week of the event. You must register to attend.

August 31st | 7:30 PM




The Alchemy Of The Soul

Wanderlust Yoga Downtown
Austin, Texas
September 14th, 2019


Before we can become truly free we must decide that we no longer want to suffer. We carry many burdens including anxiety, insecurity, a fear of failure, unworthiness, or that those we love will stop loving us, with our time spent feeling these burdens or protecting ourselves from feeling them. 

In This Workshop Learn:

  • How to turn your pain into Awakening

  • About exploring the Pain Body

  • To quiet the Ego

  • How to quiet mental chatter

  • About human conditioning

  • To identify your personal needs, triggers, and reactionary behaviors

Experience a guided ceremony, where together with Spirit, you will create space to look at your past, present, and future and find your true light. Receive clear messages on what needs to be released, what needs to be looked at, and what lies ahead for you.

Visit Wanderlust Yoga Austin for a full class description and registration.



Understanding The Human Energy System: Living A Radiant Life

Wanderlust Yoga Downtown
Austin, Texas
November 2nd, 2019


The power at work behind the body’s material appearance consists of an energy system without which the physical body could exist. This workshop provides a foundational understanding of the Energy Bodies, Chakras, and Auric Layers and the importance of maintaining radiant energy. Explore energetic imprints and the impact of consciousness, presence, and mindfulness on our emotional health.

In this workshop we will:

  • Identify & Remove Blockages

  • Learn Methods to Restore Proper Flow, Grounding, Connection & Balance

  • Clean the aura from attachments

  • Remove attachments and Holes in The Aura

  • Explore The Illumination Process

Visit Wanderlust Yoga Austin for a full class description and registration.

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I love Randi’s ability to teach, encourage and heal. Every moment with Randi makes me feel one step closer to God.

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