Mystic Market

The Space 102 at Canopy Building 4, Unit 102
Austin, Texas
October 20th, 2019

Join Rituals Austin for an afternoon of cosmic ambiance with artists, makers + owners at our upcoming Mystic Market. Make your Sunday as magical as possible with live events, food, craft made products and all the good juju ATX has to offer in one place!

I am offering 20 + 30 Minute Mini-Healing Sessions during this event. Sign-up ahead under Events to ensure your spot. Choose from Sound Healing, Soul + Energy Healing, or Sage Readings. Ample parking is available.

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The Human Energy System: Living A Radiant Life

Wanderlust Yoga Downtown
Austin, Texas
November 2nd, 2019


The power at work behind the body’s material appearance consists of an energy system without which the physical body could exist. This workshop provides a foundational understanding of the Energy Bodies, Chakras, and Auric Layers and the importance of maintaining radiant energy. Explore energetic imprints and the impact of consciousness, presence, and mindfulness on our emotional health.

In this workshop we will:

  • Identify & Remove Blockages

  • Learn Methods to Restore Proper Flow, Grounding, Connection & Balance

  • Clean the aura from attachments

  • Remove attachments and Holes in The Aura

  • Explore The Illumination Process

Visit Wanderlust Yoga Austin for a full class description and registration.

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I love Randi’s ability to teach, encourage and heal. Every moment with Randi makes me feel one step closer to God.

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