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soul healing

Come prepared to choose an issue that you would like to explore and begin seeing through a new perceptual lens. As you are guided into deeper states of consciousness, I take you on a journey beginning at the physical body into the emotional body, and from the emotional body into the soul body, and from the soul body to the pure energies of Spirit.

Life ebbs and flows and so do our emotions and energy. These sessions allow you to continuously work with me anytime life throws you a curveball so you spend less time in the darkness, and more time hanging in the magic.

During a Soul Healing Session I attune, sync, and balance your heart to the energy of Mother Earth so that you feel more anchored and grounded in your life. As you come into alignment with the universe, feel the energies of heaven and earth merge with your soul as you hold, integrate, and embody their medicine, releasing karmic overlays, and living as a more awakened, conscious being.

Healing tools include: Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, Tracking Spirit Messages, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Stone Readings, Tarot, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Intuitive Massage.



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Create Your Destiny

Anytime we go through a big experience we are forever changed. Once you have completed your Soul Healing Session, the next step is to look more closely at your personal journey to discover how you can use what you’ve learned to alter the trajectory of your life.

engage with your personal journey at the energetic level.

Every experience we have, and choice we make, affects the momentum of our fate. When we don’t listen to what the Soul needs, we create a future that is not in alignment with our highest Self. In order to change the direction of our lives, we must slow down, reflect, and choose something different. As you create your destiny learn to receive messages and wisdom from the natural world—embodying who you are becoming.

Let’s Find Your Voice

During our time together discover your calling and use your past as information to map your future. Learn to live in synchronicity, strengthen personal and spiritual accountability, and live from integrity and authenticity.

These sessions are for anyone going through a life transition, shifting careers, feeling disconnected from life, unsure about the future, experiencing a spiritual awakening, seeking direction and clarity, or wanting to discover your calling.

Do you have a message to share with the world? I offer Mentorship Coaching for Visionaries, Thought Leaders, Healers, and Yoga Teachers guiding you to discovering your unique voice and teaching style.



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sage readings

Sage Readings are heart-centered readings co-created with Spirit, Archetypes, Ancestors, Guides, Energy, and the Natural World. During your session we will look at your current path and offer the guidance you are seeking in your relationships, career, finances and more.

Is this work calling you but you don’t live in Austin?

I’ve got you covered… book a Phone Reading and receive Sage Guidance from the comfort of your own home! Choose your time zone when booking these sessions, and I will call you at the time you requested. I encourage having a journal with you to record the messages that come through for you.

Mini 20-Minute Sage Readings are now available. These are great for anyone who doesn’t need as much time and only has a couple of questions to get answered.

Please make sure you are in a quiet space where no one will disturb you during your call and turn you phone to do not disturb. This will allow you the space to focus on yourself and be open to receiving in a sacred space.



Let’s Create Something Magical

events+ Space clearings

Speaking opportunities regarding intuition, energy, healing, consciousness, meditation, and personal transformation are available. Events are one of my favorite things to do, and are personalized to meet your group’s needs. I would love to partner with you and create an event that reaches your people in any way.

I am available for home, work and space clearings + blessings, as well as rituals for life transitions, birthdays, intention ceremonies, and more. These cannot be booked online. Please contact me for scheduling.


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If there were one thing to know about the healing work I have done is that I feel it has transformed my life. If you are considering doing this type of work or want to live a fully engaged life contact her. She is truly amazing.

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