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The Anatomy of An Awakening

A 4-Week Online Class
The October 2019 group is now closed. Get added to our waitlist for future dates.

Embrace change intuitively and create an inspired life.

In This four-week program you will learn:

  • How to identify and reflect upon life-changing experiences

  • How to use your experiences to create the life you are destined for


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  • For the duration of our class time commit to being present with our group, ready to dive in, be curious, and engage with the material. This is considered sacred space and I ask that we all contribute to the energy of the group and teachings.

Module One:

  • Explore Awakening phases One & Two

  • Dealing with loss of identity, ego, and relationships

  • Explore old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors

Module Two:

  • Explore Awakening phases Three & Four

  • Looking at our choices

  • Overcoming the anxiety & fear of change

Module Three:

  • Explore Awakening phases Five & Six

  • Living in higher states of consciousness

  • Finding alignment, harmony, and right relationship with the world

Module Four:

  • Explore Awakening phases Seven & Eight

  • How to co-create with the universe and natural world

  • Forming a relationship with the “new you”

Registration Instructions:

  • When registering you will be prompted to sign up for all four dates of this class. Follow the prompts to complete your payment. If you do not receive an email confirmation, you did not complete the registration process and are not enrolled in the class. If you do receive a confirmation you are all set.

  • You will receive a webinar link invitation to join the class. This email will allow you to add to your calendar and also offers several ways to join the call.

*please note: we are unable to offer refunds on these courses, and if you are unable to attend part of the series they will all be recorded for you to access at any time.



Nothing goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

/ Pema Chodron /